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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Free Internet Paid Surveys Tips

Free Internet Paid Surveys Tips

Free internet paid surveys is a sure way to earn money online. There are no overheads and bills to worry about, and you do not have to think of where to find your next customer and to clinch your next sale. This is so different from running a business online or offline. Many websites are offering you chances to complete free internet paid surveys, and you get to give your opinion. Imagine companies willing to listen to your advice and opinions and at the same time pay you for it. People think that it is not a glamorous job. After all, it is just filling some forms or joining some focus groups. Well, you would be surprised at how valuable your opinion is. Each time you fill a form at the survey companies, you are giving important information to the product companies that help them decide how to make their products better!

That said, making money out of free internet paid surveys requires effort and knowing some insider tips. So here they are.

Free Internet Paid Survey Tip 1 – Go For the Cash

There are all kinds of survey companies that offer free internet paid surveys. The problem is not all offer you cold hard cash. Some go by a points/credit system, where you accumulate enough credits to be traded for cash. Others only give you product or service discounts, meal vouchers and chances to win some gifts. Forget about the last kind unless you are interested in the vouchers and discounts. If you are looking for income, stick with those that pay you cash or allow you to exchange credit for cash. But when dealing with credit for cash, make sure you do not need tons of credits for a few dollars. Work out for something like $6 - $10 for one hour of your time and it should be fine.

Free Internet Paid Survey Tip 2 – Be Honest In Your Answers

Don’t try to cheat the survey companies by simply filling any answer in multiple choice questionnaires. There are some who try to complete as many surveys as they can without really reading through. The survey companies have review staff who would review your answers. They have seen enough to differentiate fake surveys from the real deal. If you intend to continue earning, stop cheating!

Free Internet Paid Survey Tip 3 – Use a Separate Email Account

Free internet paid surveys are sent to you via email. Since there can be quite numerous, you do not want your personal email to be jammed with these mails. If your mailbox is full, the mails would bounce back and the survey companies would remove you from their list. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Use free email accounts like Yahoo that gives you 1 GB of mailbox memory to register with the survey companies. That should last you for a long while.

Free Internet Paid Survey Tip 4 – Use a Multi-Tab Browser

Using a multi-tab browser like Mozilla Firefox or Crazy browser would be useful to you. Since you are registered with so dozens of survey companies, you would need to sign into so many websites. You can create a tab for each survey company, group them and bookmark them into specific groups. It makes organizing your survey companies a breeze.

Free Internet Paid Survey Tip 5 – Use the Same Username and Password

Wherever possible, keep using the same username and password to register for all the survey companies. This makes login easy. You can also invest in an automatic form filler like Roboform or just use some free built-in features of browsers that would memorize your login details and auto-populate them at these survey sites. These are real time savers!

Free Internet Paid Survey Tip 5 – Be Smart About Your Profile

Surveys are given selectively. Some survey companies would conduct a series of screening questions to determine if your profile suits their client’s requirements before forwarding you the survey. There are some who however make reference to the profile details you have registered with them. Normally, in the profiling, your age, gender, occupation, hobbies and other demographics would be captured. There is a useful trick here you might want to learn. It is obvious that the more interests, hobbies, etc you indicate, the likelihood of you being a potential survey candidate for the free internet paid surveys improves. However, balance this with full honesty in profiling yourself. Do not check the boxes like love arts when you obviously have not even stepped into an art museum in your whole life.

Free internet paid surveys are really an easy way to earn some extra cash to supplement your income. In our next post, read a review about sites for free internet paid surveys.

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At May 9, 2007 at 5:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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